Calling for Change

What makes business successful? How do we democratize access to finance? What is money? Can we create better governance models for businesses? What is impact and how do we measure it?

This, and more in the first reimpact publication.

Connecting the Dots

What do environmental disasters, intensifying incursions of digital privacy, and global investment regulations have in common? We connect the dots to paint a picture of the status quo. And while the result isn’t pretty, it does spark conversations about what needs to change, and how that change might come about.

Inflection Point

Right now, we’re at a crossroads. As more and more leaders wake up to the realization that ‘business as usual’ is taking us along a path of destruction, the call for new ways of doing things is becoming louder. From redefining success to transforming capitalism itself, there’s a shift taking place across politics, economics, and the corporate world.

Rewriting the Future

Transformative times give rise to upheaval, but also to opportunity. The future is not fixed. Pioneers come in many shapes and forms. New, unconventional skillsets and approaches are needed to tackle unprecedented challenges.

So what comes next, and who’s going to show us the way? And how do we ensure culture keeps up with technology?


The Elephant in the Room by Jeremi Jak

Surveillance Capitalism by Alexander Lange

Outdated investment standards by Dialika Camara

Impact on economy



The Pendulum Swings

Our Planet Can Still Be Saved by Frank Thelen

What is success



Decentralization Is Not Enough by Jaya Klara Brekke

Pioneer Spirit

Forging New Paths


(Re)writing the Future

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