Join a select gathering of technologists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and investors to discuss impact investing and the direction of blockchain technology.



unconference – focused on maximizing the exchange of ideas and making meaningful connections

Select gathering

Let’s meet in a select gathering of technologists, investors and entrepreneurs.


Dynamic keynotes

Dynamic, 5-minutes keynotes will be focused on merits. Ideas and knowledge first.


Breakout session

Join us in the discussion. Let’s look for answers, instead of doing small talk.

Increasing accessibility

We all know it: most people don’t understand blockchain or know how to use it. To realize the ultimate potential of blockchain we need to create solutions that people can actually use.

How do we increase the accessibility of blockchain? How do we ensure the technologies we build are truly inclusive? And what practices should we follow in the process?


In 2018, the 26 richest people had the same net worth as the half of the world’s population (3.8 billion people). 2% of bitcoin addresses control 80% of the supply. Systems aren’t built on good intentions and big words.

How can blockchain help create better systems? What is the purpose of decentralization? What are the challenges that prevent blockchain from going mainstream?  

Emerging technologies

The Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed that 87 million Facebook user records were exploited… Over $600 million was lost through Theranos’ lies. Start-up culture helps to go big, but does it help to do good?

What is the purpose of business? What makes a company successful? How do we define impact investments? How do we measure and report the impact of businesses?


Yoann Berno

Next Big Thing

Jaya Klara Brekke

PhD, Researcher

Alexander Lange

Inflection VC

Ewald Hesse

Grid Singularity

Jeremi Jak


Past editions

reimpact Osaka

On October 7th we convened for the second edition of reimpact, this time in Osaka during Devcon 5 — the event for the blockchain ecosystem. On the night we gathered around 50 curious and forward-thinking individuals and asked them — what is stopping blockchain from going mainstream? And how can we make it happen?


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Past editions

reimpact London

On Nov. 12th we gathered for the third edition of reimpact, a social think tank focused on leveraging technologies to create better companies and finance. Over 80 technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors got together to discuss how to democratize finance, create better governance models, and solve blockchain’s biggest challenges.


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